Marco Sabatino Photographer

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My Project

My main photographic project i developed many years ago in my first website This new website is only the essence of my skills to capture in a moment a special atmosphere. I work for Theater and Classic Ballet, Fashion and Portraits.

When i thought what was better for me, for my job i decide to extract into myself my ability to look and observe all around me and, like the title can suggest you, capture with a click the Soul of people who want transmit their sensibility, their emotions, and the soul of their passions like for ballet and theater in general.

I love Black and White because the soul has not any color therefore i want my photos help you with simplicity to enter into my projects and understand what this photo want transmit.

Thanks so much Centro di Teatro Internazionale di Firenze e Olga Melnik e tutto il suo staff per i miei progetti Teatrali