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My name is Marco Sabatino. I was born in Florence in 1975, and I am a dedicated landscape photographer, documentarian, and storyteller, with a focus on travel and nature. To me, storytelling serves as a conduit to illuminate the marvels that surround us daily.

Viewing the camera as an artisanal instrument akin to a painter’s brush, I believe it enables us to manifest our thoughts and perceptions into tangible forms. Drawing from my background in theatre, I’ve sharpened a keen sense of observation, attention to detail, and an appreciation for the interplay of light and colour, all indispensable elements in crafting compelling compositions.

Journeying both near and far serves as my method of exploring this enchanting world with boundless creativity. My aspiration is to capture the essence of landscapes through photography and videography, sharing the profound beauty I encounter with friends and enthusiasts alike.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of early exposure to the world’s wonders, fostering spiritual growth that enriches our souls in later years. In pursuit of this vision, I have established a gallery featuring prints of my work, and I am in the process of developing travel itineraries tailored for photographers and fellow adventurers eager to discover the beauty of our world.

I used and use like camera only Reflex Nikon: Nikon d3x, Nikon z6 and d800 with zoom lens 28-70 f2.8, 80-200 f2.8, 50 mm f1.4, 16-28 f4.

Kase Kit III Magnetic Wolverine (soft gnd, circular Polarizatore, Nd 1000) 

Kase Filter
Lakes and Mountain


Prints and Custom formats

Marco Sabatino – P.IVA: 07076420483

gruppo Tfs Firenze
gruppo Tfs Firenze
Universo foto firenze
Universo foto firenze
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