Behind the Nokike brand is Herika, born among the sounds, smells and frost of Turin. He began at a young age to explore materials, design clothes and do manual crafts. As time passes, his passion for the world of art, geometry and aesthetics grows.

Today he lives in Florence, where in 2011 he decided to make a change of direction. One day he rebelled against technology and discovered that he could create so much beauty with his hands. He gives up his role as a web designer and opens his first artisan jewelery workshop, where he develops his ideas by forging the material.


Her first small laboratory has moved a few meters and is now a little larger and more welcoming, it has grown and an exhibition area has been added, also transforming into a shop.

It is a hybrid space, a hotbed of ideas and wonder, in which he thinks, designs, builds and refines the material until he arrives at a finished piece: a jewel to wear and love.

He forges metal, he has a passion for less noble ones, enhancing their characteristics. He works with brass, bronze and silver, combining them with semiprecious stones, resins and unpredictable textures. He is inspired by everything, especially nature and my travels, which are a great resource for me.

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