Ilaria and Dante

Ilaria is a doctor of exclusive simplicity, let’s relive some corners of Florence with her.

Each of us has a story to tell. The Stories of Florence and of you who tell it photographically with your looks and gestures. We want to give value to the stories of the people who live in this city.

Florence is not just the one on the postcard. There is an army of people who, even away from the spotlight, contribute to the history of the city. Lives that pulsate behind the scenes of a large open-air theater, beyond the stereotypes of a beautiful, pre-packaged city just for tourists.

Men and women who don’t make the news, but carry on their lives within the life of the city, each of us can be the protagonist in this city, we can tell it in our own way.

Dante’s quotes describe this city together with the photos.

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