Arianna – San Miniato al Monte Florence

For a thousand years a gap of beauty between heaven and earth

Arianna is a dear friend of Cortina but who has lived in Florence for many years, her elegance and natural beauty go well together in this story which tells in images one of the highest parts of Florence.

What the truest meaning of San Miniato al Monte is is perhaps revealed to us by that marble cartouche which for centuries has warned the traveler with the words: “this is the Gate of Heaven”. It is Jacob’s exclamation after he dreamed of the famous ladder resting on the earth, the top of which reached the sky while the angels ascended and descended on it.

That staircase was the clear sign that he was in front of the house of God, the place where man thirsty for meaning could finally find the promised land as a sign of the Creator’s provident passion for his creature. It is this scriptural seal that makes that marble one of the cornerstones of San Miniato al Monte.

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