Barbara is an acrobatic dance performer from Florence and together with her friend Ivana they founded their own gym with aerial dance courses for adults and children, workshops and shows. (Acrobatics Florence)

Taking advantage of the strong creativity and flexibility of her body and her gestures, combined with her beauty we created a story on the shores of Lake Bilancino.

Reflecting on the surface of a lake is actually a way of seeing yourself again. The lake is the backdrop to a thousand adventures, unique sensations and unforgettable memories. The sounds and bright colors of the lakes are reflected in fabulous compositions, such as lake phrases and poems. Every lake and every lake experience can be described by these timeless compositions.

The lake, however, is not just a specific natural context, which one can love or not, but for many it is something more. It is a real mirror in which to reflect yourself. A way to experience nature as a metaphor for life and to describe one’s personal experiences through comparison with the lake ecosystem.
The compositions and poems about the lake, sometimes, simply tell a specific fascinating panorama. On other occasions, however, they are an opportunity to talk about much deeper horizons, even personal ones.

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