Lisa – Bobolino Florence

Lisa Perin is a Venetian designer who lives and works in Florence and has created her own Atelier

(visita il suo sito web).

Her story is set in the Bobolino Park in Florence to give life to one of her dresses. the Bobolino Park is made up of three gardens created in the parterres of the bends of Viale Machiavelli, in the portion that goes up to Piazzale Galileo.

The valley garden is characterized by the prevalence of lawns and gravel paths, in which mostly punctual trees are inserted, a large ellipsoidal flowerbed with a green border and a rock pool.

In the immediately following garden, the central one, not only is the architectural theme already present in the valley garden developed, through the insertion of a large circular basin with jets of water, seats integrated into the flowerbeds, and a cave, but also that vegetal thanks to the presence of numerous trees belonging to different species, a sign of the botanical collecting in vogue at the time, among which the “Incense Cedar” located on the left side of the central flowerbed stands out.

The third garden, the one closest to Piazzale Galileo, resumes the initial vegetal theme while on an architectural level it is characterized by the presence of two towers and a system of stairways and terracing.

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